In spite of the fact that Canada does not have an authority advanced radio communicate standard, Corus is currently giving HD Radio communicates in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

An administrator of 39 Canadian radio stations in addition to various communicate TV and link/satellite-just TV stations, the organization is utilizing HD Radio over FM to convey simulcasts of its current AM stations in the three markets.

The AM stations being simulcast, utilizing trial government licenses, are:

• Calgary’s CHQR, by means of CKRY(FM’s) HD2 channel;

• Toronto’s CFMJ, by means of CING(FM’s) divert in close-by Hamilton, while CHML(AM) is on HD3;

• Vancouver’s CKNW and CHMJ, by means of CFMI(FM) on HD2 and HD3, separately.

“Our AM signals have been having an inexorably hard time entering the downtown territories of these three urban communities, because of the multiplication of taller structures,” said John Coldwell, Corus’ executive of radio innovation.

“Utilizing HD Radio by means of FM to simulcast into these regions, consolidated with the organization’s unrivaled sound, appeared a decent answer for the issue, particularly since HD Radio is being offered as a choice in numerous new Canadian autos.”


Corus’ choice to try different things with HD Radio in Canada is not a hazard free wander. Supporters here got a handle on consumed by moving European-determined DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) scope in significant Canadian urban areas and, before that, AM stereo administration. In the two cases, as per normal intelligence, the endeavors kicked the bucket because of absence of moderate and generally shopper beneficiaries, eating up a huge number of dollars in solitary foundation venture.

Moving into HD Radio represents a similar hazard to Canada’s radio supporters, spare that this configuration is really turning up in new North American-manufactured autos. Further, defenders say, HD Radio simulcasts can help building-debilitated AM stations enter the downtown center. Other significant Canadian private radio gatherings are additionally trying different things with HD Radio by means of FM for AM simulcasts. Ringer Media has HD Radio stations in Ottawa and Vancouver; Rogers Radio in Toronto and Vancouver. Two little private FM supporters, Brynes Communications and Durham Radio, are serving their southern Ontario markets with HD Radio.

“Putting resources into HD Radio through FM is a bet,” Coldwell of Corus stated, “however it is one that locations our AM gathering issues adequately, includes the additional channels and screen program data that this arrangement bolsters, and is in accordance with what our U.S. neighbors are doing.

“This last point matters, since we can’t envision any type of computerized radio prevailing in Canada that is not in accordance with what the U.S. is utilizing.”


In a perfect world, Corus would have possessed the capacity to wander into HD Radio by means of FM by essentially adding HD Radio moves up to existing transmitters.

This turned out to be the situation in Calgary and Vancouver. In the two urban communities, the organization could infuse HD Radio signs into existing FM transmitter communicates without reducing the energy of their simple FM transmissions. (The Calgary HD Radio flag infusion level is –16 dBc, in Vancouver it is –12 dBc.) The Calgary signals are transmitted through a common communicate office/tower possessed and-worked by the openly claimed Canadian Broadcasting Corp. In Vancouver, Corus has its own particular tower and transmitter at the city’s shared Mount Seymour communicate site.

Toronto was an alternate issue. Like most radio supporters in that city, Corus’ simple FM signals are radiated from the CN Tower through a telecaster possessed consortium that deals with a mutual transmission office there.

“Shockingly, the 40-year-old Marconi flag combiner is not equipped for taking care of HD Radio, and since the unit is well outdated, nobody is making parts to make this conceivable,” said Coldwell. “Subsequently, we needed to discover another approach to serve HD Radio by means of FM into the Toronto market, and we did.”

Geology had the effect: Corus’ CING(FM) transmitter site, on the common CHCH-TV radio wire in Hamilton, Ontario, has an unmistakable viewable pathway way into downtown Toronto and past straightforwardly crosswise over Lake Ontario.

“We don’t share the radio reception apparatus that is mounted on tower, which is as of now mounted on the tall Niagara Escarpment with an ordering perspective to Toronto, so there was nobody that we needed to consult with,” Coldwell said.

“Our reception apparatus is at the 1,000-foot stamp over the ground, fueled by a 20 kW Nautel NV-20 transmitter making 100 kW ERP, so the observable pathway way to Toronto over water is uncommon. Include the way that we don’t have a combiner to fight with, and the conditions were perfect for achieving Toronto from Hamilton, utilizing HD Radio on FM.”